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Simple Tips on Using Promotional Materials to Market Your Business



Using promotional products to promote your business can be a powerful marketing strategy. But do you know how to use your promotional material effectively? Well, it turns out you can considerably boost the ROI of your promotional campaign getting a few simple processes right.


Here are 3 simple tips on using promotional products effectively to market your brand. For illustration purposes, we will use custom flash drives as our promo material.


Use great design to stand out


Giving away useful things like pens and notebooks is a great way to build customer loyalty. However, so many companies give these things away, making it difficult for one particular brand to stand out. Choosing a more unique item, such a custom shaped flash drives is the first step in the right direction. The next step is to come up with an appealing, distinct design that will catch the eye of everyone who comes into contact with it.


The good news is that you promotional products supplier can craft an item to your design specifications. So go for something bold. Promotional flash drives can be made in the shape of your logo, or an item identified with your business, such as an ice cream cone if you're in the ice cream business. If you don't have any great design ideas yourself, you can let the experts come up with several prototypes and help you choose.


Determine distribution method


How your products will be distributed is a big part of an effective promotional campaign. You can, for example, give away your custom shaped USBs at a business conference where the attendees are all potential customers. This is different from random and untargeted distribution, where many of the people who receive your product may not be target customers. You can also choose to reward loyal customers as a way of showing appreciation and strengthening the loyalty. Or you may entice new customers to take up your special offer by offering the gift as incentive.


Get the messaging right


What message would you like to display on the imprint area. If the goal is brand recognition, you can simply have your logo or brand name engraved. If you'd like to have people contact you directly, you can include an email address or phone number. The messaging should however not appear too obtrusive; for small items such as flash drives, you should only include what's essential. Your designer/supplier should advise you on what would work for your item.